What’s New on Stoneway.com?

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Manage Users

Designated customer admins will be able to set permission levels for each of their company's stoneway.com users.

Use these new customizable permission levels to designate employee access to certain aspects of the site, like viewing your account balance or making purchases.


Earn a fitbit or clock

One page to control your preferences throughout the site.

Easily edit your job/branch, password, preferred default shipping address, and much more.

Quick Order Pad

Order several products at once by entering part numbers and quantities.

To upload a file, simply click on "Upload an .xls or .csv file" and select the file you'd like to upload. It'll add your product straight to the cart.

First time uploading a file? Download our template, insert your products in the appropriate columns, and it's ready to upload!

My Lists

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Create your own shopping lists from the products you view throughout the site.

We've also provided some auto-populated shopping lists for you. If you've given us a list of Customer Part Numbers, you can find them all within My Lists. Additionally, we've put together a Product History list that contains every product that you've ever purchased, giving you a customized product catalog that you'll never have to manage.

My Orders

View and/or order from past orders.

You can search through your entire order history, or jump straight to Open Orders and Invoiced Orders. Sort orders and quotes alphabetically or numerically by clicking on any of the column headers.

My Account

A new look and feel for My Account.

Change your preferences, edit user permissions, pay your bills, and view your account balance. We've added more features than before and simplified features we've had in the past.