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Manufacturer: Austin
Mfr. #: AB-24246SBG
Item #: 410971
UPC: 707353011768
Manufacturer: Austin
Mfr. #: AB-12124SBG
Item #: 403768
UPC: 707353010488
Manufacturer: Austin
Mfr. #: AB-6624SWG
Item #: 398710
UPC: 707353022801
Manufacturer: Austin
Mfr. #: AB-6636SWG
Item #: 403767
UPC: 707353022849
Manufacturer: Thomas & Betts
Mfr. #: A5D2S1JNNB1000
Item #: 150083
UPC: 034481178606
Manufacturer: Thomas & Betts
Mfr. #: A5D2S1JNNB5000
Item #: 476207
UPC: 034481178705
Manufacturer: Appleton
Mfr. #: PTTC60B
Item #: 118659
UPC: 781381742573
Manufacturer: Appleton
Mfr. #: 8458R
Item #: 134416
UPC: 781381337038
Manufacturer: Appleton
Mfr. #: 8456R
Item #: 67801
UPC: 781381539449
Manufacturer: Appleton
Mfr. #: 8438R
Item #: 24832
UPC: 781381337021
Manufacturer: Appleton
Mfr. #: 8436R
Item #: 24799
UPC: 781381337014
Manufacturer: Austin
Mfr. #: AB-484812SB
Item #: 444901
UPC: 707353009932
Manufacturer: Austin
Mfr. #: AB-36248SB
Item #: 444899
UPC: 707353008720
Manufacturer: Austin
Mfr. #: AB-48248SB
Item #: 444895
UPC: 707353008775
Manufacturer: B-Line
Mfr. #: 66-12BK
Item #: 91256
UPC: 782051405088
Manufacturer: B-Line
Mfr. #: 12106-12CHSC
Item #: 5230
UPC: 782051702002
Manufacturer: B-Line
Mfr. #: 24209-12CHSC
Item #: 111477
UPC: 782051770605
Manufacturer: B-Line
Mfr. #: 88C
Item #: 105224
UPC: 782051109054

Wire Duct, Wire Trough, & Wireway from Stoneway Electric Supply 

Enjoy a vast inventory of Wire Duct, Wire Trough, and Wireway from, which includes a great selection of core products, fittings, and accessories. Browse through our Wire Duct, Wire Trough, & Wireway category and find the perfect item for any job or situation. Whatever the need, Stoneway Electric Supply has what you're looking for!

More information on Wire Duct, Wire Trough, & Wireway

A wiring duct is a rigid tray that makes for an ideal raceway for cables and wires. It is one of the most basic parts of a cable management system. Built for optimal functionality, wiring ducts normally include features like open slats so cables and wires can be routed as needed.

A wiring trough is an electrical enclosure built for durability and functionality. They feature an assortment of clamps, latches, and locks to serve a variety of purposes. Wiring troughs are fully customizable, come in a wide array of sizes, and offer many options for performance and safety.

A wireway is a long enclosure meant for the housing and protection of wires and cables. They normally come with a removable cover for easy access as well as safety. Wireways have a range of permitted uses for dry or wet locations, inaccessible spaces, and hazardous locations.

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